Princess of Alderaan... Leia is the bold, brave, and intelligent princess of the planet Alderaan. After her home planet was destroyed by the dark lord himself, she joined the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the evil Galactic Empire. Leia will travel from a galaxy far, far away to captivate your younglings and make their birthday an extrodinary one!


Her dress... Leia will visit your home planet in her film-quality, classic white dress and boots. Complete with a hood, which is good for hiding from any Imperial Stormtroopers that may show up. Her brown hair will be elegantly styled in her signature 'cinnamon bun' twists. 


Her party... After telling her story of the first battle between the Rebels and the Empire, Leia will teach all the young padawans how to use the Force. She will lead the children through a series of trials to prove that they are truly ready to become Jedi knights. At the end of their trials, each child will dig through the sands of Tatooine to find their very own Lightsaber crystal which they can take come to continue their training Before Leia boards her starship back to a galaxy far, far away, she will crown the birthday child as a royal Princess of Earth!


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