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About Us

Fairytales Entertainment is a boutique-style company, providing the most enchanting and engaging character experiences  throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Devotion to character integrity and commitment to keeping magic alive in the hearts of those young and young at heart is at the core of every one of our performances. Our performers carefully study each princesses voice, mannerisms, and story to ensure the most authentic portrayal. They will have even grown-ups believing that she has stepped right out of a fairytale!


We are immensely proud of the quality of our costumes and wigs.  Each of our gowns is lovingly crafted by our in-house costume designer. Each fabric, trim, and detail are chosen to reflect what children imagine their favorite princess would wear! Our costumes and wigs are impeccably cared for - they are washed, repaired and steamed weekly to ensure we look 'princess party perfect' at every event!

Our party curriculum is specific to your parties age group, to ensure that the children are always active and engaged. Activities also vary with each character, making every party unique. Whether the children are playing exciting games with Rapunzel, learning a royal waltz with Cinderella or participating in our incredible and interactive storytelling with Belle, your child and her royal guests will always be having fun! 


Most important is our passion for working with children. We hope to encourage every child we meet to use their imagination, creativity, kindness and courage to become real princes and princesses. We can't wait to step out of our fairytale books to create magical memories and enchanting experiences that you and your family will remember for years to come!

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