Snow White

Someday her prince will come...  This sweet and caring princess was forced to clean the castle for the wicked queen. After escaping the castle, Snow White and her animal friends found a cottage deep in the woods. This cottage belonged to seven dwarves who welcomed her to their home. She told them of her dream to find a prince with whom she could live happily ever after. But, the evil queen tricked Snow White into taking a bite of a poison apple and she fell into an eternal sleep...until true loves kiss broke the spell! 


Her dress... From hair bow to high heel, no detail has been overlooked in creating Snow White's beautiful gown! Inspired by the woods surrounding the dwarves cottage, every inch of her gown is covered in detailed flowers, foliage and crystals straight from the dwarves diamond mine. Her creamy-yellow floral brocade skirt perfectly offsets her dark blue velvet bodice and sleeves. Her flowing red velvet cape is decorated with a shimmering golden brooch. Snow White wears her beautiful dark hair short and curly with a red satin bow adorned with a red crystal heart!

Her party... Snow White's parties are absolutely enchanting! She will tell her story and invite all to sing along to their favorite songs and share treasures from the dwarves diamond mine. Snow White loves to play many silly games that will have even the grumpiest of party guests giggling. She will teach little princess and princesses how they too can become royalty before crowning the birthday child an honorary prince or princess of the kingdom!


"She made sure every single kid was addressed and felt special..."

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