Tinker Bell

Follow the second star...  If you fly to the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning, you might find yourself in the realm of the never fairies. Tinker Bell and her fairy friends practice their special talents all year to change the seasons for us on the mainland. And they might go on a few wild adventures too. With Tink at your celebration, it is certain to be flitterific!


Her dress... Tinker Bell will fly to your event in her sparkling, green velvet dress that she herself tinkered out of leaves. Her blonde hair is pulled into a bun and tied with a lovely golden ribbon. And her tiny, green slippers are adorned with Tink's favorite puffs!


Her party... After flying from the second star, Tink will grow to human size so that she might delight party guests of all ages with stories of the never lands and her fairy friends. With the help of the children (and some pixie dust, too!), Tink will show everyone how to do a little magic! The birthday child and her friends will learn all about changing the seasons through a series of fun and exciting games. Before flying back to her hollow, Tink will lead the children on a treasure hunt to find a special gift for the birthday child and their friends!

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